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Start your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) project today with our professional team and over 10-year experience. You might ask where is the price? One does not simply put a fixed price for a tailored professional service – so please send us a message so we can plan this together and deal with other formalities!

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Start your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) project today

Our high quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service contains everything that is listed on this page. We just want you to know that we know SEO and we know how it is done “hands-on” too. You can start practicing it yourself as well with our tips that you can find on this page. The optimization process is recommended to be done in a long run – it is a process that starts all over again when the previous “iteration” has ended. It can provide amazingly good ROI and cuts other marketing costs effectively, such as Pay Per Click (PPC).

Speed is everything – cheesy slow websites are long gone

Website speed test (you can try yourself with a website speedtest at GTmetrix.com) is the beginnin of everything. Potential customers usually leave website immediately if the loading time exceeds 4 seconds. We see slow websites every day and we hate them too. Let’s fix it together. In most cases the problem can be easily fixed with a small changes in the server configuration and by implementing a proper cache. It all starts with a speed.

Example with Prestashop. This is where we started from. Whopping 4.4 seconds and 84 requests with a default setup of Prestashop 1.6.
And this was the result after enabling the cache for the Apache webserver using htaccess. Simple as that.

Pick your domain carefully – at least if you are new in the game

If you are just launching your new business it is better to plan your domain name carefully. The domain has a ranking as well – called the Domain Authority. It is usually calculated using the inbound links pointing to the domain and their quality, plus some other signals such as domain lifetime and registration period. A brand new previously nonexistent top level domain (TLD, for example .com) is registered for one year period it usually takes time to build that authority.

If you are not restricted with a tight budget it is usually smart to start looking for a domains that are for sale and already have at least some level of authority. Buying that kind of domain is obviously more expensive than spending a few bucks for a new TLD for one year registration but the benefits you get with more Domain Authority is giving you a lot of help in the beginning.

Security – protecting customer data and telling search engines that your site can be trusted

Since January 2017 the world’s most popular web browser, the Google’s Chrome, started to “hate” HTTP enabled websites who send and receive confidential data, such as passwords, over an insecure communications channel. Our opinion is that this is just great! The Internet needs to be more secure – it is full of unwanted low quality material and other stuff and indeed criminal acts are happening all the time – data gets stolen etc. The HTTPS is a secure way to transfer data over public Internet and now Google is also appreciating that by giving a slightly better ranking in their search results for those who dare to defy the mighty old HTTP.

Source: https://security.googleblog.com/2016/09/moving-towards-more-secure-web.html

We will help to convert your website to HTTPS. Do not worry about all those juicy backlinks you have pointing to your HTTP pages. There is a simple way to do the transformation to HTTPS without spilling that juice!

Mobile first – responsiveness and fast loading

Users are browsing content (and buying stuff!!!) with their smartphones too – better not to forget those visitors! Responsive fast loading webpages are those who are the winners in the search engine result pages. We will take care that your website is responsive and provides an excellent mobile experience to maximize the conversion rate on mobile devices as well. Remember, the conversion rate on mobile phones or smartphones is usually lower than on a desktop in a traditional eCommerce, but in most cases there is still lot to do to improve and the conversion rate optimization is one important thing that walks hand by hand with the proper SEO best practises.

This is a real life case. Mobile is almost 50 % of all visitors. Probably now it is more than 50 % already on some cases.

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

There is a new technology out there that makes the experience better for those who browse the content with mobile devices with slower connections. You can read an AMP version of this page as well. Read more about AMP project at the project’s own website.

Writing amazing and interesting content AND promoting it

People spend more time on your page when you offer them exactly what they are looking for. And guess what, more time the visitor spends on the site the better rank you are getting on search engines for those keywords! The means to promote your awesome content can be tricky, but there are few creative techniques and we are ready to share them with you. And always bring your social media platforms to the battlefield and share your stuff to your followers in all of those channels.

The all mighty social media

Take care of your social media accounts and keep them active. And if you are a local business, then setup your business parameters accordingly in the Google My Business.

Juicy backlinks

There are many ways to get inbound links. An inbound link, or a backlink, is a link that points to your site from another site in the Internet. They are probably the most important instance of SEO but the increase they bring in organic traffic is usually directly correlated to the quality of that given link. Remember that the amount of backlinks itself is not the most important thing, quality is and more quality links always perform better than for example a thousand directory listing links.

Pay attention to the quality of the backlinks. For example low quality directory listing links do not have desired effect these days, but a page that is related to your niche and has some authority will boost your rankings as well. Buying backlinks is also possible but can be hazardous – wrong move in the backlink field can backfire seriously and a ranking penalty might be set upon thou that is not easy to deal with.

But do not forget all the other means of marketing

SEO does not remove the need for SEM (Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click, PPC) or any other way of marketing in that matter. PPC, email and social media advertising and marketing are a great help especially in the beginning when the SEO is still “building up”. Remember, SEO is a long process and the results are not visible immediately. It is hard work and it takes time and lot of nerves. Do not give up. Ask help if you are stuck.

Monitor and repeat

Check your results with for example Google Analytics and Google Search Console and repeat the process and always strive to make things better. Because it is likely that not all of your competitors are doing things as well as you so eventually you will start see some competitive edge to them in terms of organic traffic and conversion rate.

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    Mr and Mrs Voyage travel blog

    Hey thanks SEOCrust for helping us out with our “low-budget” project. These guys created me a WordPress blog with hosting and SSL cert and it took few days only. Now let’s see how to traffic keeps coming in. Best luck to you and keep in touch.

    • simo

      Thanks! Happy blogging!

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